Winners of the Panhellenic Student Art Competition 2020

1st Grade – Dimopoulou Marianna (Elementary school of Thessaloniki)

1st Grade – Psychogios Vangelis (Elementary School of Neochorion Ilia)

2nd Grade – Giannopoulos Konstantinos (Elementary School of Kardamas)

2nd Grade – Stefanopoulos Angelos (Elementary School of Varda)

3rd Grade – Kokkinidis Ioannis (Elementary School of Naoussa Imathia)

3rd Grade – Tsigos Vasilis (Elementary School of Varda)

4th Grade – Georgiou Christina, Itsopoulos Ioannis (Elementary School of Arnissa)

4th Grade – Nokolakopoulos Nikolaos (Elementary School of Amaliada)

5th Grade – Georgiopoulou Despina (Elementary School of Traganos)

5th Grade – Lilitsi Marilia (Elementary School of Crete)

6th Grade – Kotsifi Dimitra Lydia (Elementary School of Athens)

6th Grade – Siganaki Maria (Elementary School of Crete)